Downtown Photoshoot Behind the Scenes

Natural Posing Senior Portraits-027

Natural Posing – Behind The Scenes Photoshoot Downtown

Been getting asked a lot lately for more natural posing behind the scenes content. My goal for this video was to give you a look into how I work and direct my subjects. We shot this all downtown Green Bay on a rather beautiful late summer day.

The sun kept going in and out behind the clouds which was a pit of a PITA exposure wise 🙂 I LOVE what were able to get in a short amount of time!

Natural Posing for Clients

Keep in mind that each person you work with will have a different personality and comfort level behind the camera. Some will require much more direction and guidance than others. The two biggest things you can do are:

  1. Be yourself and be genuine – do not try to be someone you are not, people see through that and it creates a disconnect.
  2. Make sure you appear confident in what you are doing. even if you have to fake it till you make it. If you are confident they will be more confident.

All that being said working with Emma makes it easy to get great personality and images. Tell her to smile and she lights up!

I was using a Canon 5D mkIV for all shots in this video


Canon 5D mkIV

Canon 35mm f1.4

Canon 50mm f1.2

Canon 85mm f1.2

All photos were edited with my DP – Earth Lightroom Preset pack:

Model:  @Emma.trwertha_

Hair and Makeup : @artistrybyangelamarie

MUSIC: – Cherry Blossom by Ottom (Artlist)


Instagram: @distphoto

Lightroom Presets:

Hope you enjoy!


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