Fixing Flyaway Hairs

Fixing flyaway hairs

Keeping Your Sanity While Fixing Flyaway Hairs

For years I had no Idea how to go about fixing flyaway hairs and they would drive me crazy! I would take the most amazing backlit portraits yet when I looked at them all I could see was the crazy flyaway hairs shimmering in the backlit sun. Unless I was on a solid background retouching them in Photoshop would stress me out so bad that I would just give up.

I would say about 90% of the time I shoot my portraits outdoors. With that, a lot of the time I am using the sun as backlighting in somewhat windy conditions. This emphasizes any flyaway hairs that get blown around. These used to be a nightmare for me to try and fix in post… Until I learned this method!

This is a quick and simple tutorial on how I remove stray distracting flyaway hairs in Photoshop. Flyaway hairs tend to be more pronounced with backlighting. The methods shown here effectively remove them from natural backgrounds.

I keep this very natural and personally only like to remove unnecessary distracting flyaway hairs. I find remove to many or all the messy hairs looks unnatural.

Hope you enjoy!


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