How To Design A Photo Album Fast

How to design an album fast

How To Design A Photo Album Fast

I love creating amazing heirloom albums for our senior clients. Not only is this in my opinion the best way for them to enjoy and archive all of their images over time, they also become invaluable keepsakes over time.

Now pricing albums can be a little tricky because it can take a great deal of time to design an album. Not to mention retouching all of the images that go into the album or book itself.

This video is about how to design an album fast. In it I share some of the ways I create and proof my albums online using Smart Albums. I love this Album design and proofing software and at this point could not live without it.

Using software like Smart Albums is going to save you a ton of time over using something like photo album design templates in Photoshop. If you sell and make a lot of albums this time will really start to add up and make the software well worth the money.

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