Late Summer Senior Portraits – Victoriana #DPCrew

Late Summer Senior Portraits

It was a perfect evening for Victoriana’s late summer senior portraits! We had plan the locations and style of Victoriana’s shoot in the weeks leading up to the day. At her consultaion we decided we would mix it up with downtown, urban looks. then move to a more rural field setting and finish the day out on the bay.

Hair and make up by Sara Miller Makeup

First Location – Late Summer Senior Portraits

We started downtown out on the streets to get a urban look for the first outfit. Victoriana was a natural right off the bat and we were getting amazing images right away.


Second Outfit – Late Summer Senior Portraits

We did not go far for the next look. We just went around the corner into the alleyway. There are some cool stairs and a huge iron gate that have unlimited possibilities for portraits.



Second Location / Third Outfit

We headed out to more of a rural field look out overlooking the Bay. I love this spot for backlit portraits especially in late summer.Victoriana was killing it all evening!

The blues in her outfit really popped of the warm late summer warm tones in the background. I just love this color pallete



Fourth Outfit

We planned on shooting these Down by the water but decided to stop at another field and do some full sun hard light pictures to give her senior pictures another unique look. These are my favorite pictures of Victoriana!

We finished on the water … and in the water!!!



Such an amazing night for senior portraits!!!  Things couldn’t have gone better. We had such a blast with Victoriana!


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