Lake Michigan View


Original limited edition black and white prints.


My family and I frequent Door County, WI quite often as it is a short 1-hour drive from my house. If my intentions are to make photographs, I usually try to go in the off-season to avoid the large crowds at times.

This particular day I was with my family and we stopped at the bluffs in Ellison Bay to take a look. I left my camera bag behind as the day had been pretty gloomy for the most part and did not expect to see anything but grey skies overlooking the bluffs out onto Lake Michigan.

So we headed out down the stairway to the lookout over the bluff. When we got down there it was kind of cloudy, but all of a sudden the clouds parted and this beam of light hit Lake Michigan. I immediately turned around and told my wife and daughter that I needed to go get my camera.

I ran back up to the car and grabbed my camera bag, set up my tripod with my Hasselblad on it, and proceeded to wait for this miraculous event to happen again… at least really hoping it would happen again

Now in the meantime, a whole slew of people was coming up and down the stairs. Here I was sitting with my tripod pointed out over Lake Michigan on what appeared to be just a very gray and gloomy day. Just let me say I got many strange looks cuz people were wondering what the heck I was taking a picture of.

However, at least one gal had seen what I was anticipating. She had seen the sun hit the lake as I did… and so she knew what I was trying to take a picture of…  anyway so at least everybody wasn’t looking at me like I was crazy. But then lo and behold the sky parted again just briefly as the sun came back out and shined on the lake and I was able to get off a few frames… this image is one of them.

I was very excited to get home to develop this roll of film and get to printing it.

Do check out the YouTube video of how exactly this print was made in the darkroom!  Click on the thumbnail in the gallery above.

Fine art black and white print – Lake Michigan View

  • Shot on Ilford HP5 black and white film developed in Kodak HC-110 developer
  • Printed on Ilford MG Classic fiber-based black and white paper or optional giclee inkjet reproduction

Available Print Options

     Fiber-Based Prints

  • Limited edition –  5 original 7 x 7 inch silver gelatin fiber-based darkroom prints mounted to 16 x 20 inches
  • Matted and mounted to 4ply Museum Rag Mat
  • Processed in light sepia toner for aesthetics and stability
  • Print care and certificate of authenticity included

     Giclee Inkjet Prints

  • Limited edition – 20 original 7 x 7 inch giclee inkjet prints
  • Limited edition – 20 original 10 x 10 inch giclee inkjet prints
  • Archivally printed giclee pigment inkjet print
  • Printed on Moab Entrada Fine Art Paper
  • Print care and certificate of authenticity included


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