Pelican On The Fox


Original limited edition black and white prints.


I was out for a jog one morning downtown Green Bay. As I often do, I had my Little Canonet rangefinder camera with me. I have recently been testing Fomapan 400 film and that is what was loaded into the camera.

As I came over the Main St. bridge in Green Bay I noticed this lone Pelican fishing all by himself. I made it to the middle of the bridge and decided it would be a nice composition with a single bird and a lot of negative space. The 40mm lens on the Canonet composed the shot rather nicely from that point on the bridge and had the other bridge. I just needed to wait till the pelican was turned back into the frame as it was looking in the wrong direction.  The bird turned as I had hoped and I clicked the very quiet shutter of the rangefinder camera.

I am quite fond of the heavy grain that this film has. It has become one of my favorite films to use when I want a grittier look to the image.

Do check out the Youtube video on exactly how I printed this in my darkroom! Click on the thumbnail in the gallery above.

Fine art black and white print – Pelican On The Fox.

  • Shot on Fomapan 400  black and white film developed in HC110
  • Printed on Ilford MG Classic fiber-based black and white paper

Available Print Options

     Fiber-Based Prints

  • Limited edition –  5 original 6×9 inch silver gelatin fiber-based darkroom prints mounted to 16 x 20 inches
  • Matted and mounted to 4ply Museum Rag Mat
  • Processed in light sepia toner for aesthetics and stability
  • Print care and certificate of authenticity included

     Giclee Inkjet Prints

    • Limited edition – 20 original 6×9 inch giclee inkjet prints
    • Archivally printed giclee pigment inkjet print
    • Printed on Moab Entrada Fine Art Paper
    • Print care and certificate of authenticity included


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