Spring Senior Pictures – Jordan #DPCrew

Spring Senior Pictures

So excited to share all of Jordan’s spring senior pictures on the blog. As one of our class of 2021 DP Crew we have had the opportunity of working with Jordan several times before we actually shot her senior pictures. This makes such a big difference! OUR CREW ALWAYS HAVE AMAZING PICS!!!

Hair and make up by Sara Miller Makeup

First Outfit – Spring Senior Pictures

This black top and denim is just so timeless and classic. We started off with some alleyway and stairs downtown Green Bay. Everything was just perfect!


Second Outfit – Senior Portraits

How cute is this blue dress?!? We kept it downtown by some of the colorful murals to make her images pop! Not a cloud in the sky! Just how we like it.



 Third Outfit – Wildflowers On The Side Of The Road

We were headed out to one of my favorite spots to shoot some field images when we spotted these purple wildflowers on the side of the road. Jordan had a white dress and we knew this would look stunning among the wildflowers. Sometimes you just have to do things on the fly!



Fourth Outfit – Spring Senior Pictures In A Backlit Field

Then, off to my favorite rural field out on  the Bay. We shot some backlit portraits in Jordan’s amazing floral print dress. Did I mention this light was just to die for?!?

As the sun got lower in the sky it was peaking through the trees in the background giving everything a soft golden saturated look.




Such an amazing night for Jordan’s senior pictures. So grateful to have gotten to know and work with her this year!!!


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