Summer Senior Portraits – Rylee #DPCrew

Summer Senior Portraits

The day of Rylee’s summer senior portraits came and it was not looking good. The weather forecast looked like rain and thunderstorms were heading our way…

I talked with Rylee’s mom Tina and we decided to call it and reschedule to another day. I contacted Sara and Andrew and told them the shoot was off.

Then Tina checked the weather about 15 minutes later and things changed. Now it looked as if everything just might miss us. Gotta love this crazy midwest weather we have been having 🙂

I quickly got everyone back on board for the shoot. And I am so glad we went ahead with it. It turned out to be an amazing evening of shooting with Rylee!

We started downtown Green Bay as I often do when we are splitting up the session between downtown an out on the water. I have wanted to shoot with the Northland Hotel sign in the background. Because it was still a little overcast out it provided a perfect opportunity to shoot there!

Rylee was killing it from the get go. Her 1st outfit was perfect for the location we shot! Check out her boots, and her hair and makeup was perfect of course thanks to Sara Miller Makeup !!!

First Location



Second Location for Rylee’s Summer Senior Portraits

For our final location we headed out to Bayshore County Park. The beach was a bit packed (as it has been when it is nicer out) so we had to head down aways to claim a little spot for ourselves.


When we had Rylee’s consultation for her senior pictures she said she wanted to go all the way in the water for her portraits… I was not sure what that was going to look like exactly but new it would be amazing. The sky lit up as the sun was setting and Rylee jumped in. We did some hair flips and then as she was walking out we caught some of the most amazing sunset images ever!!!

Like I said… I am so happy we did not reschedule this shoot and decided to push through at the last minute. You do not get many sunsets like this when your senior wants to go “all in” 🙂



We had such a great night of summer senior portraits with Rylee!

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