Senior Portrait - FAQ

How do I schedule a Green Bay senior portrait session with you?

We book up far in advance due to the fact that we only shoot a limited number of high school seniors each calander year. You should book your sessions as soon as possible; We release the open dates for my year in late January (of your junior year). To schedule, call or email us the requested date; all of the reservation 

requirements may be completed online -  either on a computer or a smartphone. You will recieve a booking proposal/contract via email. Once you sign (parent or guardian if you are under 18) and pay the deposit (the session fee) you are reserved and all set.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, checks - made out to Distinction Photo, Visa, MC, American Express & Discover

When do I get to see the images from my Green Bay senior portrait session?

During your Premiere Viewing Session your images will be presented to you in a beautiful presentation, like only a profesional boutique photographer can do.  We display them on a large projection screen for a larger than life experience! The ordering appointment is an extremely important part of the senior portrait process and will take place within two weeks of your portrait session. We will schedule your ordering appointment, consultation and portrait session all at the same time. It is very important that all decision makers be present during the viewing as this is the appointment where your final decisions will be made.  These appointments take between one and two hours, so it is important to devote your full attention during this time. For that reason, we ask that you arrange a babysitter for young children and only family members with valid input should attend. We will personally help you select the images, announcements and books that best represent you and your session. It is important to come with a knowledge of whether there is a need for gift purchases, as well as the number of people you will be sending announcements to. 

Ordering & consultation appointments are typically scheduled weekdays during business hours. This means 9-6 pm, just like any regular business hours. I realize this means you may need  to take off of work or pull a student from school early; however, it is not possible for me to schedule many of these at night . (We also have a family to be with in our off hours) **If you require an evening appointment we will take requests but may not be able to fulfill them. Please understand that all evening appointment requests cannot be fullfilled  and please be willing to be flexible with your day hours so that we can complete your order

How long does it take to get the order from my senior session?

All orders ar ready 6-8 weeks after date of purchase.

How long do you keep the files from my Green Bay senior portrait session?

We do not keep any image files that have not been ordered; therefore, non-ordered images will be removed from our sytem immediately following your ordering session and will not be archived. Images that have been ordered will remain in our system for one year.

What is a minimum purchase?

Each of our senior sessions includes a minimum purchase agreement. This is the minimum a client must invest for their order. This means we have taken into account our clients needs and budgets, as well as our time, to deliver consistent quality and serve our clients effectively. Our minimum purchases are based on our experience of what most clients have chosen to order for that specific session  and ensure that we can continue operating a business that delivers high-quality, professional images and stellar customer service. The majority of our clients invest  between 1100 - 4500 to have their senior portraits made.

Do you take payment plans or break payments up?

Absolutely! Typically, Payment is due at the ordering session. We are happy to break the order payments into 2-3 segments, spanning 45 days time if necessary. In this case the order will be sent to print after all 

payments have been made. Any social media photos will also be deliverable after all payments are made.  Additionally you will be required to sign an order form, noting that all orders are custom made and 

non-refundable; meaning once a payment plan is in place, you are obligated to adhere to the plans timeline of 

payments. Any late payments are charged an additional 10% of the total order.

What if I want images just to post online? Can I scan them?

All images from your session are copyrighted and registered with the Library of Congress. You are not 

allowed to scan or screen-capture any photo without expressed written permission and this is a federal 

offense is punishable by law. This includes posting scanned or screen-captured images to post on social media. The images sent to you for your “social media” images as part of your portrait order will be 

watermarked and web-quality. You may not print these in any way and the watermark must remain intact when posting to social media. Additionally, you are not allowed to filter the images in anyway - they must be posted exactly as they are delivered to you...

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