Lith Printing

Lith Printing In The Darkroom – A Creative Process

So What The Heck Is Lith Printing? Lith printing is a creative darkroom printing process where you use dilute Lithographic film developer with traditional “lithable” black and white darkroom printing papers. Some papers will lith print and some will not. Notably, if the paper has developer incorporated in the emulsion it will not be suitable…

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Comparing filters for black and white film

You Need To Use Filters For Black And White Film

So why use color filters for black and white film? Simple → Creative Control. Color filters for black and white film can help enhance contrast between two different colors. Often with out the filter these colors would render the same tone of grey. This is something you might or might not want. A simple example…

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how to develoop black and white film

How To Develop Film

A step by step guide : How to develop black and white film. This is how I develop black and white film in 120 (medium format) and 35mm formats. Film development is a fairly simple and straight forward process that can be done with minimal equipment nearly anywhere (running water is nice but not required).…

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Mixing Kodak D76 Black And White Film Developer-6123

How To Mix Your Own Kodak D76 From Scratch

Mixing Your Own Kodak D76 From Scratch Today we’re going to get a little into a mixing your own chemicals from scratch. We are going to be specifically talking about Kodak d76 film developer.  This was something that I was asked about after making my video on sepia toning where I show how to mix…

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