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Emma’s senior pictures in Green Bay were some of my favorite portraits I have taken. Every time Emma get’s in front of camera she just lights up! She is so fun to work with. I knew these portraits would be amazing!!!

First Outfit – Downtown Senior Pictures in Green Bay

We started in a grungier alleyway downtown that I had not shot at in a minute. Emma had A classic black top and jeans and her hair and make up were spot on by  Sara Miller Makeup.   Sara was along for the whole shoot to keep her makeup touched up and perfect. We even changed up her hair and make up for the different looks we planned.

Second Outfit – Still Downtown Green Bay

This was Emma’s favorite outfit! We stayed downtown and shot out on Broadway St. to give a more city vibe.

Third Outfit – Country Field

We drove out to a field I had wanted to shoot in for a while. While Sara was doing some touchups and changing  Emma’s hair I decided to walk out into the field to check the lighting. I am glad I did as I literally was chased out by a wall of mosquitos. It was bad. real bad.

Luckily there was an open spot in the field right next to us that was in more open direct sun. It was strange how the mosquitos were unbearable like 50 yards from where we shot and that we did not get bothered at all in this spot.

We did some cute pics of her walking out into the field and blowing away dandelions. These were super fun!

Fourth Outfit – Yellow wildflowers

She had a cute blue dress for her fourth outfit. Right up the road there was a patch of yellow wildflowers in really nice light. yellow and blue always look so good together!!! Emma was a trooper and even laid down in the center to get some really cool shots!

Fifth Outfit – Sunset Senior Pictures in Green Bay

Lastly we headed out to Bay Shore Park for sunset. It had been a beautiful day and the evening was perfect as well. Not to hot but not cold out on the bay either.

These were my favorite shots! She was in the water and had a cute white dress. Sara put her hair in a cute side braid that worked just perfectly.

We were also lucky to have a brilliant sky with some whisky clouds to add color and interest. The sunset was beautiful and we stayed a bit after to shoot on the beach.

This was just a perfect day and night of senior pictures!!!

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  1. Sandy VandenHeuvel on 12/31/2020 at 7:54 pm

    Emma Trewartha Photos are gorgeous!

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